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Who better than you to talk about !!

« I discovered oriental dance with Nadia Messaï after practising all kind of dances (classical, jazz, contemporary, african). In Nadia’s classes, I found a precision of terms, of physiology of body and also a fine subtlety in the approach of dance. Body awakes discovering movements that we could not even imagine !
It is, at the same time, the joy of dancing, the care of the body and of the spirit ».

Marie-Christine H.

« A gift ! In two words what are Nadia Messaï’s classes. Thanks to powerful (effective) images to make us understand the movements (according to you, what is the common point between opening of the chest of your car and the oriental dance ? May be more than you can imagine !), Nadia teaches this art with happiness, accessible to ALL. She offers us her talent and transmit us all the wealth of Egyptian music (anticipate a radical change of your discography … Yes, it happened to us all !).
Very quickly, we become "addicted" but here, no problem, we can consume without moderation.

Thank you ! »

Sophie B.

« To learn how dancing with Nadia … It’s opening the door on an enchanting  universe, an universe of classical oriental but also popular music, a world of subtleties and refinement which has escaped to us until there.
It’s to leave behind oneself a noisy and dysfunctional world, to penetrate in a peaceful and harmonious one.
It’s to discover or rediscover constantly a dance (the oriental dance) through new techniques, in a subtle balance between the perfecting and the discovery.
It’s to learn, in a convivial atmosphere, thanks to a pedagogy based on images in a direct connection with our daily life in connection with our preoccupations of women, of wives, of mothers …
Very funny ! A real cure against stress !!
It’s to test (constantly) the limits of your own capacities (memory, coordination, report/balance left-right, to surprise oneself, to exceed oneself).
It’s awaking our body through slow and appeasing movements, to develop this sensuality which is hiding in us by fluid and harmonious gestures, for then releasing our energy in the rhythm and in good mood. A real happiness … Unique !
And finally, to discover unsuspected pleasures, a freedom that we ignored, to let bloom femininity, to express oneself as we could not to make it elsewhere and consequently to feel good, to feel beautiful !
Thanks to Nadia to accept us such as we are in her universe of pleasures, of happiness and of peace ».
Mona G.

« The words oriental dance evoke alone, the perfumes of jasmine, of amber and of musk, light and transparent veils, soft and swaying movements which make sparkle thousand fires the gilded belts of the women, at the rhythm of the music at the same time languorous and rhythmical.
This is an invitation to the travel, to the dream, which is available to all, thanks to the teaching exempted by Nadia Messaï, supported by a simple and rigorous technique who allows each one to understand, to seize all the movements of the body, and to take part in the dance.
While leaving Nadia Messaï’s classe, there is really the feeling to have taken part in a feast punctuated by the "youyou" (cries of joy made by women) of women.
A real moment of happiness ! »

Katia F.

« In this course, I discovered another thing, something which had to do with a real technique, a seriousness, a control ; and then, there was Nadia with her spontaneity, her ease and her simplicity ... »
« Nadia, impassioned by the dance, and really wanting desiring to transmit her knowledge to us, knew for much of us to take into account our personality, our psychology in its broad outlines. There is always a word, a personalized advice, adapted to our blocking, our inhibitions, our complexes ... »
« In spite of learning, a festive ambience reigns, of pleasure, of spontaneity and of joy of life ... »
« During class, we meet woman of all ages, from before adolescence to the advanced sixty. The kilos, the wrinkles are not a dam to the expression of oneself in this context ... »
« For some of us, this class is the spingboard towards a greater acceptance of femininity … This is the place of the reconciliation with oneself... »
« The joy that those classes of dance gave to me is real and non ephemeral. It is reflected in my daily life. It is a passport as a woman where, in my opinion, the key words are : force, radiation, and joy ... »
« And if all this was a capital which I carried in me, the orientale dance allowed me to affirm it, and this why I think that for each one of us, the oriental dance will reveal our talents, our qualities with more power, more serenity ».

Anne R.

             A big thank you to all !! Photo : Mèriem MESSAÏ

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