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Pedagogy ... Her profession !!

Photo : Eric BERNARD

Nadia Messaï, issued from a French and Tunisian marriage, found her roots by practising oriental dance. Very quickly, she decided to stop her secondary school and found her vocation : teaching oriental dance.

Nadia Messaï, who is teacher and choreographer since 20 years, has been qualified by  the  Oriental  Guide  written  by  Sophie  Nogues  (Edition  Parigramme - 1999)  as « certainly the best pedagogue of Paris ».

Nadia Messaï also makes a point to rehabilitate this art, to restore its nobility letters. She also wants to preserve the festive spirit and of conviviality which are closely linked to this dance.
Her characteristic ? ……...… The pedagogy !!

Indeed, Nadia has created her own pedagogical method © that you may discover in her classes.   
After a warming-up that she has conceived in order to prepare the body to effort, Nadia, in a progressive way, proposes you to become conscious of your body, by exercises of insulation, breathing and coordination.

At Nadia’s classes, good mood, well-being, body and spirit harmony are key words … Very quickly and naturally, her classes have combined therapy to training of this discipline but without losing the essence of this art.

While amusing you, Nadia Messaï will teach you how to discover all the potential and all the femininity in you by using concrete and picturesque examples that you will not be ready to forget.

In her classes, you will discover the different rhythms and musical styles for a better understanding and interpretation. Nadia also proposes to play sagates (fingers cymbals) at each class.

Throughout her career, Nadia Messaï also gave many representations. She has been interviewed by radios and took part in several television programs.

Now and in addition to her performance titled « Oriental Expressions (feelings) » she presented the 2009, february 28th at the Théâtre de l’Ouest Parisien at Boulogne Billancourt with her Company Eshtah ! Nadia Messaï’s Raqs Sharqi, Nadia  Messaï proposes you a CD & DVD box  in  collaboration  with  Hassan  Abdel  Khalek  titled "Decomposed Dance & Rhythms".

Finally, Nadia is the author of a pedagogical book titled "Initiation to Oriental Dance" at Grancher Editions (released september 2012) and Nadia is actually preparing a new performance where she will dance alone.
Photo : Eric BERNARD

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