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Oriental Dance ... Far more than just a dance !!

Oriental dance, which in Arabic is "Raqs Sharqi", comes from Egypt. Formerly widespread all over the Mediterranean, this dance survived essentially in the Middle East and North Africa. Real cultural heritage, the dance itself evolved over the centuries but has always remained a method for expressing  joy. It is traditionally performed during ceremonies such as marriages and births, but also in daily life. 

Though originally a sacred dance, following the Napoleonic invasions it became mainstream, leading to it ultimately becoming an act of decadence and indecency.

Since then, this dance has crossed the seas and the oceans and has now returned to its more spiritual roots.
Much more than simply the latest “fad”, it is now practised all over the world and taught in the same way as other dance forms.

Why has this dance survived and remained so popular? Perhaps simply because it is the dance of women, with all this expresses and represents.

But oriental dance is much more than simply a dance for celebrations. It goes beyond this and is a form of therapy for all those who practise it, for the bodies and their minds. Its benefits are numerous: it reduces stress, and improves balance and posture. This dance also aids digestion, circulation, and is a good cardio work out!
No need to be flexible; the oriental dance is for all !
Among its numerous benefits, it also is known to aid pregnant women.
Finally, oriental dance gives the performer greater self-confidence, and helps them to be in harmony with themselves and others.

Oriental Dance is simply a  dance of the past,  of the present and the future …

Photo : Mèriem MESSAÏ

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